Sunday, July 18, 2010

Online Privacy and Security

The information provided with this topic is useful for everyone, regardless of age. Safeguarding personal information (by not sharing private details for all to see online) and password security are both vitally important aspects of social networking. McAfee's suggestion for families to sit down and chat about safe internet use is a good starting point. McAfee's site has some useful information for parents to share with their children and it would be a good idea for families to have regular meeting on this topic as ongoing reminders, and to keep inline with the age and stage of their children as well as the changes in the technology.

Apart from looking after their card and keeping passwords secure, the most important advice we can give our patrons using the library's online facilities, is to remember to log off after a session. Others can jump on and abuse their Web account connection which is specifically for their use. Logging off also protects against unauthorized use of a patron's printing/photocopying dollars through their Pharos account. A patron at the library may have requested items from the OPAC or internet computers and forgotten to log off. No one wants the next user to have access to their personal details on "my info".